How to negotiate assertively

  • 3 April 2024
    9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • CERPEK training toom (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.
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academic and non-academic employees of faculties, HEIs, RMU and other economic centres


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We all want to effectively assert ourselves in our dealings with other people while also respecting the interests of others and being "cool." How to do it? By being assertive, you can better understand yourself and your relationships with others and prevent frustration. This practice-oriented workshop will help you improve your skills to act assertively, analyze the opposing party's necessary information, interests, and attitudes, create alternative negotiation techniques, and handle even tricky negotiation situations appropriately. You will know your natural negotiation strategy, which you tend to follow, and be able to identify situations when it is appropriate and when, on the contrary, you need to choose a different strategy, even in uncertain conditions, purposefully.


  • assertiveness and negotiation skills
  • assertive negotiation strategy
  • objections and argumentation
  • training in assertive negotiation techniques


  • you will learn to better use the principles of assertive negotiation in practice
  • you will learn techniques to better defend and promote your own or your team's interests and how to better counter manipulative behaviour if the other party uses them
  • through an assertive approach, you can improve your relationships with other people, accept their arguments and argue appropriately for your goals, without feeling bad about the negotiation situation
  • you will better recognise different approaches to negotiation and also identify your own preferred negotiation style
  • prepare appropriate arguments, procedures and strategies for negotiating in different situations, you will learn how to overcome objections effectively
  • you will learn how to work with concessions
  • you will learn how to identify and counter unfair tactics
  • you will streamline your negotiating practices


Mgr. Petr Bohuslav


After his teaching experience in education, Petr Bohuslav worked in the corporate sector in managerial positions and later as an (internal) trainer and coach.

He worked, among others, as an organizational manager and regional director of a building society and then as CEO and chairman of the board of directors of the advertising agency Filip Media a.s. He successfully managed communication campaigns for multinational and local companies in the commercial and state spheres. He gained further experience as director of a major music festival, performer and organizer of the music group ASONANCE, and editor and content co-creator of Country Radio, where he still hosts selected programs.

He is a long-time VIP internal consultant and lecturer at Everesta.

Petr Bohuslav can put his practical experience to good use, especially in courses on communication, assertiveness, negotiation, presentation, and rhetoric.

Petr Bohuslav's courses are fun, lively, action-packed and bring new practical skills to the graduates.

He has long been one of the lecturers with the best ratings from course participants.

Everesta s.r.o.


CERPEK training toom (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.

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