Tablet Loan

The tablet can be borrowed by all MU teachers, including Ph.D. students, who want to enrich their teaching with interactive teaching elements. The duration of the tablet loan is not predetermined, it is based on the individual needs of the interested individual and the demand for loans. The rental fee is completely free of charge upon signing the loan document.

Loan conditions

  • if you are interested in borrowing a tablet, please fill in the online form
  • we will reply to the e-mail address on the form within a few working days
  • we will then arrange a date for you to collect the device in person and sign the handover protocol
  • on the agreed return date you will return the tablet in person (you return the device in factory settings without passwords and locks)
  • during the loan or after returning the tablet, you will send us a short report on how you have used the tablet for your teaching activities

Contact Person


Tablet Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite

CERPEK tips for the use of tablet


Thanks to the application Kahoot! you can enrich your teaching by simple quizzes which can serve for the evaluation of students as well as collecting feedback. Students can select one of up to four provided answers or put up to four answers in a set order. In order to be able to use Kahoot! it is necessary to have a projector or some type of screen which will be visible to all the students in the class.


Socrative is an app intended for testing students and collecting feedback. Compared with Kahoot! it provides more types of questions (e.g. true/false or the submission of short-text answers). Socrative has both an app for teachers and students, the former intended for the creation of tests and their subsequent administration, the latter for the filling out of tests (and feedback). Socrative is a fully self-standing app which does not require any projector or screen in order to be used.


Padlet is an app which makes it possible to create and administer a collaborative space that can be described as a digital bulletin board to which both teachers and students can post various types of content (text, multimedia) and mutually comment on that content.


Quizlet is an app focused on creating and working with educational cards (flashcards). Apart from the creation of the cards the app also provides several educational, testing and gaming modes.

Do you have any other tips for using a tablet in the classroom? Contact us!

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