Respect at Universities II.

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academic and non-academic employees of faculties, HEIs, RMU and other economic centres who attended the introductory workshop Respect at Universities I.


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Follow-up workshop Respect at Universities II is a hands-on, interactive workshop designed to provide university employees with information and tools that form the prevention component of addressing sexual harassment, bullying, and violence on campus. The workshop is designed for individuals who attended the initial Respect at Universities I workshop. We will put the topic of gender-based violence and sexual harassment in a broader context and connect it to the related issues of intersectionality, physical and psychological violence, economic and financial violence, and sexual and cyber violence. We will deepen our knowledge of the bystander or bystander effect and practice how to talk to a victim of harassment in a practical exercise. Real-life stories from a university setting will allow us to recognize less apparent forms of gender-based harassment, and we will also talk about the most common myths about victim blaming and secondary victimization. We'll share our attitudes and opinions and walk away a little better prepared not to be part of the problem.


  • presentation of Konsent and introduction of the participants
  • deepening knowledge on the topic of gender-based violence
  • 5Ds or how to stand up against harassment not only in public
  • hands-on practice in interviewing when someone confides in me
  • discussion of stories and situations from the university environment
  • debunking myths about secondary victimisation and victim blaming
  • feedback


  • you will deepen your knowledge and increase the competence of participants in the topic of gender-based violence
  • you will gain greater confidence in dealing with inappropriate behavior
  • you will practice communication with a victim of sexual harassment in a practical exercise


Veronika Haumerová

Ms. Haumerová studied psychology with a focus on psychotherapy and clinical psychology at Masaryk University. She has been working for Konsent for three and a half years. She presents workshops for adults and adolescents, especially in schools – universities, secondary and primary schools, but also workshops for parents, teachers and other groups. She coordinates workshops in schools and on occasion does methodological work.

Marcela Poláčková

Ms. Poláčková studied psychology and has conducted research on the topic of the secondary victimization of women who report rape to the Police of the Czech Republic. At the Office of Gender Equality of the Czech Republic, she has worked on police training aimed at promoting sensitivity towards people who have experienced of sexual and gender-based violence. At Konsent, she develops methodological approaches, coordinates a team of lecturers, is in charge of workshops for adolescents and is herself a lecturer in various projects.

Konsent, z.s.


Kounicův sál, 5th floor of RMU, Žerotínovo náměstí 9, 602 00 Brno

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