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How do people with disabilities study? What does all the dys- (and is there even a hard y) mean? What do students who have any of the learning disabilities probably experience? What is it like to have problems that may not appear at first glance? And how can you, as teachers, help them?

You may have your own experience of challenging schooling due to reading, work rate, or attention problems, or you know someone who does. This hands-on workshop will give you a first-hand experience of what it is like and how you can better understand and help learners with disabilities.


Ing. Boris Janča



He graduated with a degree in business administration, he studied also historical sciences and several other disciplines which he did not finished. He is currently working at the Teiresiás Centre (Support Centre for Students with Special Needs), where he serves as the secretary of the department. In his youth, he read E.T. Seton's books and many of his ideas are still sympathetic to him; his own practical (not only) teaching experience was mainly gained in the environment of the Holiday school Lipniceand related organisations. Although sceptical about everything and everyone, he is still an idealist.

Eva graduated in English Language and Literature and English Language and Literature Teaching for Secondary Schools at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and worked for many years as an English teacher for students with special needs at the Teiresiás Centre. During these years, she gained a lot of experience teaching. She is a big fan of experiential pedagogy. She works as an Event Coordinator for IT training courses in a non-profit organization. Motivated by developing the potential of others, she fulfilled her dream and did a year-long coaching training, which she enjoys doing in her spare time.

She graduated in Psychology from the Faculty of Arts of UPOL (Bachelor's degree) and the Faculty of Arts of MU (Master's degree). She graduated from the Faculty of Special Education with a focus on speech therapy and sign language therapy. Currently, she is a pedagogical-psychological counsellor for students with special needs at the Teiresiás Centre.

Mgr. Iva Oulehlová


 Inactive employment status

​Mgr. Iva Oulehlová graduated in psychology and special education and has long worked as a pedagogical-psychological counselor for students with special needs at the Teiresiás Centre. She provides students with psychological counseling and coaching in study strategies and time planning. She also worked for five years at helplines in Brno and Trebic, where she gained valuable experience in providing crisis intervention to clients of all ages. She currently draws on her knowledge of developmental psychology in her practice while on parental leave.


CERPEK training room (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.

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