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CERPEK's vision for leadership competencies is that: managers should be able to use basic methods and tools for working with people so that their teams are highly effective and team members highly motivated. We fulfil this vision primarily through a comprehensive development program entitled Manager. The Manager program focuses on the development of managerial competencies and personal development. It helps to develop competencies that are considered essential for effective leadership of workplaces and work teams, in addition to professional knowledge. The program is a space for improvement in the role of manager and leader. The benefits of the programe include sharing experiences among participants, gaining inspiration and acquiring know-how. The Manager program is designed for those who want to become better leaders in their managerial positions, work effectively and achieve the goals of their respective workplace and Masaryk University as a whole.

Two programs are offered within the Manager program, depending on the level of experience of the manager in managing people. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right development program for your development needs.

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