Respect at Universities I.

  • 27 September 2023
    9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
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academic and non-academic employees of faculties, HEIs, RMU and other economic centres


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Respect at universities I. is a practically oriented, interactive workshop aimed at providing employees with information and tools that comprise a preventive component in addressing sexual harassment, bullying, and violence in academic environments. The workshop serves as an introduction to the topic of sexual harassment. Together, we will discuss what can be considered as sexual harassment and violence, on both the part of university employees and university students. We will explore what to do if you witness problematic behavior, how to interact with victims and perpetrators of these pathological behaviors, and whom to turn to for help. You will engage in role-playing scenarios, be presented with practical information from both the Czech Republic and abroad, share attitudes and opinions, and all leave better equipped to not be part of the problem.


  • presentation of Konsent and introduction of the participants
  • discussion on the topic of sexual harassment and its forms
  • group work with real-life situations from university settings – debunking myths and disinformation regarding sexual harassment and violence
  • the bystander effect and how to become an active bystander
  • how to interact with someone who confides in you about experiencing some form of sexual harassment
  • feedback


  • you will gain a basic insight into the topic of sexual harassment, its forms, and related pathological behaviors in institutions of higher education
  • you will familiarize yourself with preventive mechanisms and tools for addressing these issues
  • you will have the opportunity to discuss a consensus in approaching issues related to prevention and addressing pathological phenomena


Veronika Haumerová

Ms. Haumerová studied psychology with a focus on psychotherapy and clinical psychology at Masaryk University. She has been working for Konsent for three and a half years. She presents workshops for adults and adolescents, especially in schools – universities, secondary and primary schools, but also workshops for parents, teachers and other groups. She coordinates workshops in schools and on occasion does methodological work.

Markéta Brabcová

She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University and is currently completing her Master's degree at the Department of Gender Studies at the Charles University Faculty of Law. She has professional experience in the private sector, public administration and non-profit sector. She has been lecturing for Konsent for six months, and has worked on the projects Respect at Universities, Respect is profi and Respect is sexy.

Konsent, z.s.

Practical information

During the workshop, we will offer you coffee, tea, and small sweets.

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CERPEK training room (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.

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