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The training focuses on introducing the concepts of transactional analysis and active listening as crucial elements of effective communication and relationship building. It will be based on the theory of one of the most influential communication theorists, E. Berne. We will divide communication approaches into parent, adult and child modes. We will apply this approach in everyday communication situations and show how to increase communication effectiveness and prevent misunderstandings. We will also focus on active listening, which forms the basis of effective communication. We will demonstrate the techniques that can help us in active listening and practice everything through a series of exercises and simulations of real situations.


  • basic ego states of transactional analysis
  • communication fallacies in terms of transactional analysis
  • how to bring transactional analysis theory into everyday life
  • active listening techniques
  • practising active listening
  • model situations aimed at increasing understanding in the context of transactional analysis
  • handling challenging communication situations
  • how to avoid misunderstandings in communication


  • You will increase the efficiency of communication.
  • You will learn about transactional analysis as a practical communication method.
  • You will learn to distinguish the basic ego states of transactional analysis.
  • You will learn how to apply transactional analysis principles in everyday life.
  • You will learn the basic theory and principles of active listening.
  • You will learn how to improve your active listening skills in practical life.
  • You will develop empathy and understanding.
  • You will learn how to handle challenging communication situations.
  • You will strengthen relationship building.


Mgr. Alexandra Čmáriková Slobodníková, Ph.D.


She has worked in the Motiv P agency since 2005 as a coach and lecturer of training courses for managers, salespeople and executive employees. Since 2013, he has been an associate lecturer for the Motiv P School of Purposeful Coaching. She focuses on soft skills courses and acts as an assessor in selection procedures and Development Centre programmes for company management.

Motiv P s.r.o.


MU RECETOX, UKB D30 1st floor, room will be specified.

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