Development of Pedagogical Competencies

The educational program Development of pedagogical competencies lasts two semesters and comprises the following four parts: Laboratory of pedagogical competencies, Video Reflexion of teaching, Teacher’s workshops and the Mentoring program. The educational program was set up in this way based on the research of similar programs in the Czech Republic and abroad and Masaryk University’s own research conducted on its grounds in the academic year 2015/2016. This educational program is intended strictly for teachers who have an employment contract at Masaryk University.

1. semester

Laboratory of pedagogical competencies

Is a one-week-long attendance course in the scope of 25 hours of direct teaching time. The laboratory is led by a tandem of experienced lecturers and a daily expert who works on the topic being discussed. The topics of the Laboratory are for example: the quality of academic teaching, preparation and teaching, teaching communication, the evaluation of students, feedback processing or work with modern technologies.

In the Laboratory you can get acquainted with the latest pedagogical and didactic theories, research results and you can also reflect on your current teaching and prepare your teaching for the next semester with the help of your colleagues. Within the Laboratory it is advisable to set up your own development goals on which you will be working throughout the entire educational program.

Video Reflexion of teaching

Helps with the individual development of each participant of the educational program in an area which they select themselves. Video Reflexions are usually done in pairs: the lecturer and participant of the educational program.

2. semester

Teacher’s workshop

Is a one week long attendance course in the scope of 20 hours of direct teaching. Many experts from Masaryk University and other institutions take part in the Workshop. Its topics are not pre-set and the content is created based on the preferences of the actual attendees of the educational program. In previous streams we focused our attention for example on these topics: mobilizing teaching methods, preparation of lectures, students with specific educational demands, application of the Information System MU and so on.

Mentoring program

is a unique part of the educational program. The selection of a mentor and the content of the collaboration are fully in the hands of the actual attendees of the program themselves. This is a highly individualized form of collaboration in which there is an added emphasis on the individual needs of the particular attendee of the educational program. In the course of the semester there are three workshops prepared for the mentors in which they discuss specific mentoring skills such as non-directive leading of a mentoring interview, effective feedback presenting and giving advice.

Both semesters are also accompanied by an e-learning course full of study materials and minor tasks which help develop the teaching of the attendees.



You can register in stream E taking place in the academic year 2020/2021, until 30 October 2020 via an on-line form. The capacity of the educational program is 30 attendees.

Organizational structure of stream E
Laboratory of pedagogical competencies: January 2021 (TBA)
Video Reflexion of teaching: spring semester 2021
Teacher’s workshop: September 2021 (TBA)
Mentoring program: autumn semester 2021
Ceremonial awarding of graduation certificates: December 2021 / January 2022 (TBA)

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