Education for Doctoral Candidates

We take the pedagogical and didactic education of doctoral candidates very seriously and that is why we started offering them the educational program The basics of university pedagogy for doctoral candidates. This program is intended primarily for those doctoral candidates who do not have an employment contract at Masaryk University and thus cannot partake in the educational program Development of pedagogical competencies.

Course of the program

The educational program Basics of university pedagogy for doctoral candidates

The educational program lasts one semester and consists of three parts:

1. Pedagogical laboratory
This is a one week long intensive course in the scope of 25 hours of direct teaching which is led by two experienced lecturers who study the discussed topic. The content of the course is put together based on the latest findings from pedagogical research and you can also use it to reflect on your current teaching and plan your teaching for the following semester with the assistance of lecturers and colleagues. Within the Laboratory it is useful to set up your own development goals on which you will be continuously working throughout the educational program.

Program for individual days:
Monday – university teacher and quality of teaching
Tuesday – preparation and planning of teaching
Wednesday – evaluation and reflection in teacher’s work
Thursday – communication with students
Friday – technologies in teaching

2. Video Reflexion of teaching
This is an individual educational activity which aims to help the development of each attendee of the educational program in the area which they set themselves. Video Reflexions are done in pairs: the lecturer and the participant of the educational program.

3. Final reflective meeting
This is a half day final meeting with the purpose of reflecting on the participants’ own teaching within the educational program and the setting of further steps and activities in terms of their professional development.


Conditions for being accepted

  • the applicant must be a student of a doctoral study program without a work contract with MU
  • the participant must be actively involved in teaching during the duration of the educational program

Conditions for graduation

  • active participation at all the mandatory parts of the educational program
  • after the successful completion of the educational program the student will receive a certificate

If you have any questions please reach out to us on the e-mail



Pedagogical laboratory: January 2021 (TBA)
Video Reflexion of teaching: spring semester 2021
Final reflective meeting: June 2021

The capacity of the educational program is a maximum of 16 attendees.

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