Danish experience: Professional development of university teachers [INVITATION ONLY]

  • 6. března 2023
    13:00 – 14:30
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Based on the new Danish Framework for the professional development of university teachers, we show how our current continuing professional development programs are designed to support and enhance teaching and supervision practices for better candidates and PhD candidates at Aarhus University.

In addition, we introduce two international programmes that may be of interest for you: 1) an online programme called “International Co-teaching: Integrating Virtual Exchange into the University Classroom”, and 2) a blended programme called "Master of Didactics". After the presentation, we provide a forum for discussion between the participants in order to identify potential opportunities to support and reflect on the development of university pedagogy amongst staff across Brno University.


Mette Krogh Christensen, PhD

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

My passion is to explore and support how professionals (e.g. teachers, health professionals, sport coaches) learn and perform in specialised and context-specific practices.

I have an academic background in the social sciences of sport and adult pedagogy. Today, my expertise revolve around situational and social aspects of teaching and learning. In particular, I am engaged in exploring the process of developing and changing professional identities among academics in higher education.

In my work as an experienced teacher and educational developer, I am rooted in John Dewey’s pragmatic theory of experiential learning and reflective thought and action and Pierre Bourdieu’s reflexive sociology.

I am deputy chair of the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (2014-present), chair of the Committee for Danish National Teaching Award (2020-present), and member of The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (2019-present).

Sarah Robinson

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Sarah Robinson is Associate Professor and Educational Anthropologist, at the Center for Educational Development, interested in the purpose of Higher Education and the future of the university. Her research spans curriculum reform, policy in practice, ethnographic methods, teacher agency and enterprise education. She has a strong international profile and has published in The Thinking University; A Philosophical Examination of Thought and Higher Education Springer (Bengtsen, S. & Barnett, R.; 2018) and The Idea of the University: Volume 2 – Contemporary Perspectives. Peter Lang (Peters, M. A., & Barnett, R. 2018), as well as being a co-author on Teacher Agency; An ecological approach (Priestley, Biesta & Robinson; 2015). Currently she is working with the development of a pedagogy for change through an exploration of academic identity and enterprise education in the Humanities.

Practical info

The workshop is invitation-only and will be conducted in English.

During the workshop, we will offer you coffee, tea, and small sweets.


CERPEK training room (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.

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