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When Steve Jobs or Walt Disney spoke, everyone listened in amazement. Why? Because they spoke in stories. Learn how to do it, too. Whether you want to attract attention of your audience, present complicated charts, motivate your team or shorten meetings, storytelling is the way to go.

A good story can evoke emotions. A great story will move people to action. Become a convincing storyteller and impress your students, colleagues and managers.


  • the Brain and Stories – increasing the attention span and motivation of your audience
  • ingredients of powerful stories, storytelling structures, confident and persuasive communication
  • visual and data storytelling
  • model situations, practical examples


  • you will learn how to use stories to attract and keep attention of various audiences
  • you will know how to define the objective and clear structure of your communications
  • you will learn the principles of data and visual storytelling


Bc. Václav Strnadel


„You should teach English and work with people,“ a friend of mine from Texas told me when I was 17. Little did he realize how this has shaped my professional path ever since. I gathered all my courage and started teaching – at high school, university and especially in companies. The feeling that you can share knowledge and skills and watch people grow is difficult to describe. Later I got an offer to become a personal development trainer. This made me realize that when you face the career you dreamed of, you just know it. The biggest barrier to self-development is ourselves. I help others overcome their barriers.

Azteka s.r.o.


CERPEK training room (room no. 328), Komenského náměstí 2, Brno.

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