Well-Being Is A Skill: Pathways To Personal And Professional Flourishing

  • 23. května 2023
    9:00 – 13:00

Faculty of Social Sciences only


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academic and non-academic employees of the Faculty of Social Studies MU


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This workshop is designed for individuals looking to improve their mental health and develop skills promoting psychological well-being. The half-day will be filled with interesting information and interactive sessions led by an experienced mental health professional. We will cover various topics, including the power of positive emotions, the benefits of optimistic thinking, sources of resilience, and mindfulness techniques, and provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be easily incorporated into daily life. If you want to enhance your psychological well-being, we cordially invite you to attend this workshop. You will have the chance to learn more about the benefits of well-being, connect with like-minded individuals, and leave feeling inspired and empowered.


  • The five pillars of psychological well-being and foundations of resilience
  • Inventory of positive emotions: Why are positive emotions much more than pleasant?
  • Learned optimism: How to beat pessimistic thoughts and catastrophic scenarios
  • Keys to positive communication at work and in the family
  • Mindfulness and savoring positive moments of life
  • The art of well-being: Putting the pieces together


  • You will learn about the main pillars of psychological well-being and how you can foster them
  • You will understand the power of positive emotions and the benefits of optimistic thinking
  • You will learn the basic principles of positive communication
  • You will get experience with basic mindfulness techniques
  • You will know the verified and effective strategies for improving well-being


doc. PhDr. Alena Slezáčková, Ph.D.

Dept. of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatics, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

sociální a akademické sítě:

Alena Slezackova, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University. Her scientific interests include mental health and well-being, hope, and mindfulness. She is a certified Resilience Practitioner, a founder and director of the Czech Positive Psychology Centre (CPPC), a member of the Advisory Council of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), a member of the Boards of the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP) and of the Mindfulness Research and Practice Network at Masaryk University. She is a member of several international research projects. She is the author of the first comprehensive monograph on positive psychology in the Czech language and many publications in health psychology and positive psychology. She is also engaged in lecturing and tutoring activities.

Czech Positive Psychology Centre


Faculty of Social Studies MU, Joštova 218/10, 602 00 Brno, meeting room 2.11

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